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Polyimide is commercialized polymer material with the highest degree of heat resistance and the most comprehensive polymer. Polyimide has successfully replaced iron and steel, aluminum, bronze, titanium, PTFE and other high-performance materials, and is known as "the master of problem solving". The main reason for polyimide has not yet become a bigger variety after half a century's development is its high cost. A new synthetic process of polyimide and products developed by Changchun Gao Qi has changed the synthetic method of traditional polyimide and opened up a new pathway for the synthesis of Polyimide by chloro phthalic anhydride. Authorized by foreign authorities, chlorinated phthalic anhydride is the most advanced and economical way to produce polyimide in the world.
It can maintain long-term creep and fatigue resistance in extremely wide temperature range.
The tensile strength, compression strength, bending strength and modulus of the unfilled plastics can be maintained at 280 C, and the tensile strength of the unfilled plastics is mostly above 100Mpa.
Excellent resistance to chemicals, solvents, lubricants and fuels.
Because it is self extinguishing polymer, it has inherent flame retardancy and no soot emission.
Low noise, good self lubrication, no oil and self lubrication.
The thermal expansion system is at 2 * 10-5~3 * 10-5, and the individual model can reach 10-7 degrees.
It is resistant to radiation, insulation, non-toxic and has good dielectric properties.
Outstanding hot processing characteristics: injection molding, extrusion, hot pressing and spray forming. No small molecules are released during processing, shrinkage rate is small, and the size and accuracy of parts are high.

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Address: No. 666B, super street, Changchun hi tech Zone, Jilin

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